Thursday, 14 June 2012

My Phone

I talk a lot on this phone every day, every minute, which I do mean it - while most of my friends hate it...cannt stand it...After 7pm when I finished off my crazy job, decided to take myself to "dumpling house" (nice Chinese restaurant) to have some home made food...additional I switched off this god damn phone!! Time for a normal quiet night...I must talk too much today...World does change a bit when I don't have it...I can see more things - happy couple tried to understand the name of the food, beautiful grandparents tried to feed their grand kids, then I saw other pictures - one was, young couple with little kid out for dinner, while young father played game via his iphone, and young mother messaged her mates via her iphone, little boy was wondering around the table with his wee Transformers...the other one was from a group of young Chinese students, sit around table though busy working on their phone...what the hell was going on here? I knew I was pretty bad with my phone, though it wasn't my nature life, its my job. though those people wasn't on a job, while they had options...

If this is the new life style, then I must say I prefer old fashion.

Let's talk, especially face to face please! we only live on this planet for some amount of time, and we only get to know about no more than hundred people. there is no way you can know someone by text messages, facebook, emails...not when you are around with families, friends, and others...

Our generation are getting odd, lots of us can't live without it. we are loosing skills and ability on communicating to real people. When I was asked from people about why I didn't respond her/his message on facebook, I always say why didn't you just ring me? I don't quite get it, I mean stuff like facebook or twitter, I think we need to live back in the air, the ground...attention from people you don't really know, is really not that much important!!!

 that poor kid lost his fun time with his parents, I felt lucky the year I was born, there wasn't any technology as nowadays, thank god!!!

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