Sunday, 20 January 2013

Face saving

What about face saving and why people want it so much? What scare them and what will they lose exactly?
I am very impatient in many ways, though there are times I will choose to give in to buy some time of peace. The reason I choose to live overseas is that I won't need to deal with this shit! In fact, shit happens no matter what and where!!
People are formed in different ways, due to lots of reasons. The way they've been brought up with, the education they've received, the experience they had...etc... I will say those matters will turn people into different shapes.
Though why face saving again? What exactly are we looking for in a long term relationship? It's not about form a family, creat a child, build a house, have repeated daily life. I remembered I used to say to a person I loved years ago "my existence is about your happiness". How many of us will not just say it at THE time but react on the words no matter what takes?
Of course there are many ways to argue it, though by end of the day, if face saving is all people can do in a relationship, it is extremely sad!

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